Concept & History


ShortCut is an independent film festival designed to showcase the best film making talent in Paris. If you make films, then this is your night. Take in the flics while having a beer and hob-nobbing with the rest of Paris film society. Whether you're an established director or an aspiring student of the fifth art, come on down to ShortCut to have a great time while meeting like minded people.

In order to get everyone together, the night is organized like a mini film festival. Films that have been submitted will be shown according to the program and at the end, the audience votes for which film they liked the best. The winner will receive prizes, fame and glory.



One dark and stormy night way back in the early days of 2005 the J-Man was finishing a days work at an old and very well known Parisian tavern. In walked a stranger shaking the rain out of the folds of his jacket. He was a tall and imposing figure who ordered his drink with a strange northerly accent. Upon hearing his voice, the J-Man instantly recognized him as Sandorp - the one whom the prophecies had spoken of. The J-Man wasted no time in introducing himself, and the two at once set to work creating something that would change the course of history: The ShortCut film festival.